About Us

Jeet Kune Do – Wei Kuen Do Integrated Fists

Founded by Sifu Dan Rivera.

Sifu Dan is a private student of Grandmaster Leo T. Fong who is a first generation student of Bruce Lee’s Oakland school and a long time friend and training partner of Bruce Lee. Sifu Dan is a 5th Degree Black Belt in GM Fong’s art of Wei Kuen Do and is an Instructor in Oakland Jeet Kune Do under GM Fong as well.

Sifu Dan is also a Certified Instructor in Paul Vunak’s Progressive Fighting Systems/ Contemporary JKD, Larry Hartsell’s Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association, Jerry Poteet’s JKD/Sifu Paul Johnson’s The Real JKD Association, Kali-Silat and a Wing Chun Level 1 Instructor.

He began learning martial arts as a child in the 1980’s after seeing films like the Karate Kid and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… as most kids of the era did. Sifu began his journey in the arts with traditional Japanese Karate. Always aware who Bruce Lee was thanks to a poster in his uncle’s bedroom, he began to take notice of the old 70’s martial arts films. As he got older he took a break from martial arts during his “know-it-all” teen years but came back to the arts as an adult. He studied many different systems like Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Krav Maga and Kenpo Karate before he decided to research Bruce more. He remembered reading in magazines about how Bruce revolutionized the martial arts world, how he was a major influence in the development of MMA and how he really made the world take notice of martial arts. Before Bruce Lee, one had to search for a martial arts school or receive an invitation from a member. It wasn’t until after Bruce that we had martial arts schools popping up on every block. Bruce made the world take notice. He then decided to try out the art of the man who started it all. After he began his JKD training it was like he had an epiphany. It all made sense to him. It was like a breath of fresh air to discover these concepts of simplicity, directness, the non-classical approach, adaptability and reality based training…he was hooked!

Training with GM Leo T. Fong has been an amazing experience for him. Leo has taught him more than just the physical aspect of martial arts. He has instilled in Sifu Dan the spiritual and deeper meanings of the arts and how to apply them to daily life, just as Bruce Lee had instilled in Leo Fong many years ago.

Sifu Dan wishes to keep Bruce’s art alive and share his philosophies, principles and concepts with others. His aim is to help them find the ultimate within themselves and discover their own truths.

Our curriculum will take the student through progressions that begin with the earlier Jun Fan Gung Fu material, through the Oakland and LA material while simultaneously training in Wei Kuen Do. Kali-Silat is a separate class. On weekends we will have a blended class where the JKD and FMA students can all train together.

Once the student has a solid foundation in both arts, then we can begin exploring how to integrate the 2 into one. This will introduce the student to the concept of finding your own way and developing your own expression of the arts.

Contact us for more information about our classes 

Phone: 917-565-3322

Email: JkdSifuDan@gmail.com

Location: Our Kwoon meets at The Dance Conservatory 2050 East Main Street Cortland Manor, NY 10567 

If you live in the areas of Somers, Peekskill, Ossining, Mahopac and Cortlandt Manor then you are close enough to come train with us!